Welcome to our site "constraint.org" for Constraint Programming.

This site is designed for offering the information on Constraint Programming. In Japanese version, the information on Constraint Programming and the related fields--especially the information in Japan--will be published no matter whether it is basic or applied, for research or for business.

This site has opened for one year and more. We are very glad to have many visitors beyond our expectation. Many people send mails to us and link to our site from various places including overseas countries. Thank you very much.
We had the difficult time to keep the information fresh because the contents could not be updated smoothly. On the other hand, the number of web pages on Constraint Programming has steadily increased for this one year. We feel keenly that we must follow such pages.
Although the English version has been in preparation for a long time, we intend to drastically revise the contents in English version soon and start managing it formally. We would be most grateful if you could access us in future.

Please contact the manager if the information you want is not published or the information is old, after reading this page. If you wish to add your project, processing system, paper or anything else to this site, please contact me.